Its hotting up, but not the weather

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We are creeping into Spring in the Northern hemisphere, though I am not sure the UK weather has got that brief yet. Around the world people are getting fired up too, it seems that many have had enough of having their destiny’s decided by a bunch of greedy, pompous psychopaths, who call themselves leaders. People are starting to take the decisions themselves. Cutting out the middle men. And this is the same in the music ‘industry’.

Had a Q and A recently with Tracey Dawkins from New Lease music.
New Lease
I have some gigs coming up in Brighton. Warming up to Zimfest, Oslo where i have been invited to perform with the fabulous Busi Ncube. Can’t wait.

I am working on getting onto quality manufacture of CD’s and Vinyl and so will have a launch in Brighton this year for that. So looking forward to having a shiny quality product, jam packed with great sounds as well as lyrics and some behind the scene pictures of recording. Those elusive guest artists will be revealed!

The private sessions at Rockingdean Studio have taken on a life of their own and there is a general buzz in the neighbourhood.
I will be posting more as the summer progresses lets hope the weather gets the brief.

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