On The Brink

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It’s a New Year and I have a beautifully completed album that I can’t wait to release and distribute. Last week the photo shoot for the cover and press shots was interesting. Just when I thought this album had peeled away all the layers of self, but no it is ever unfolding and teaching me new skills. Fortunately the shoot found me in the kind and gentle hands of the very talented Nyani Quarmyne and I find myself another step closer to having a beautifully crafted finished hard copy in my hands.
The music though is out there and am grateful to have been played on various radio shows. Close to home with the ever supportive Pete Jones on Radioreverb, where I am proud to hear my music played alongside Brighton’s finest independent artists. This town that I now call home such a rich and fertile bed for musicians and artists, great venues and promoters. I also received some airtime in the USA thanks to Deborah Millstein.
I am planning the year ahead to get out and about live a bit more and work with a band, but also will continue to play accoustic gigs in Brighton.
For now though I am enjoying a pause, the liminal space, and dropping into ever deeper layers of exploration. I have learned such a great deal that I feel I have come a long way and yet am closer to myself than ever before and I look forward to enjoying this new found self. I am being beckoned back into the wasteland, called back into the darkness wherein the creative stuff lies, and am reminded of the deep that urge to create, write, make music, that drove me forward to have this album in the first place. The insistent voice that demands to be heard, that gives me the courage to sing, to write, to produce,to perform and now to release into the world. Travel well sweet seeds and may you be carried on the wind and land in fertile ground.

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